tiger at the gates

by tiger at the gates

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released August 1, 2011

all songs written and performed by christopher luke mcmahon



all rights reserved


tiger at the gates New Zealand

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Track Name: only human
i was wrong. i was wrong, i knew you well.
from that gaze you turn away - i swallow words we'll never tell.
but i can't be around to see how the cards just fell.
and it's not all the same to me - it's every day from now.

and though it's no retreat, moving on is bitter-sweet.
i let the pavement hit my feet until the dawn breaks over me.

but we were only human after all...

i've no right to interfere, but i think you let it slip
from the shadow of a tear - raise a glass to a bitter lip.
fall in love? - or fall in fear - someone else will take the blame,
'cause when it all comes round again, everyone's the fucking same.

we were only human after all...
Track Name: the years between
you led me down
the tide was drifting out
the clouds were shadows on the sand.
you told me how
we'd be by now
and it all made such perfect sense.

i tried to hold you, word for word, but
somehow i lost your voice -
the years between us drowned it out
and happiness now has no sound.

and as the shadows lengthened
we lay in golden twilight
the taste of salt upon your lips.
you let me drown
and even now
a yearning, longing, to be found.

in between the wrong and right
our conscience fading with the light.
a smile still plays upon your face
as all around begins to fade.
memories lost in broken dreams
are washed out on the drifting seas.
Track Name: little thoughts
and when the day breaks, it's not alright -
still all these little thoughts, they weigh on your mind:
of who was wrong? and who was right?
but when it all came down, who took your side?

and as the night creeps into that room
your little emptiness - it comes home too.
so i got up, and walked all night
i held the gun, while she killed my pride.
Track Name: falling
remember the day that you found
second hand turns around?
marking time, but the years kept on marching
then it all tumbled down.

when you search back to the start,
there was no bigger fear than of falling.
such a delicate art -
all those words that you lost went unspoken.

as you held back the dark,
and she held out the chance,
the weight of days was just too many heartbreaks
to carry back to the start.
Track Name: ghost of a promise
all the waves on the ocean, engineering emotion.
and dreams of bullets gave you something to hold.
and the gulls cry a promise - that their wings could take you home...

how could you be so frozen to good souls?
and lovers who've lost hope lie broken around you.
the lives that we've been through are lines we scratched in sand.

and the waves on the ocean dance like crystal in sunshine.
your dreams of bullets will drift to a new head.
you're the ghost of a promise. just the ghost of a promise.